We are a small family run business founded in 2016. Our mission is to support our community by connecting people who are passionate about art and crafts, by sharing our passion and knowledge and improving people's skills, confidence and foremost - their wellbeing. 

Meet The Team


Linda Farnden

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Linda is the founder of She is a passionate blogger, crafter and tutor. She works closely with various charities and teaches craft courses in Surrey. She lives in Woking with her husband and son. 


Aleksei Bitskoff

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Aleksei Bitskoff is an Estonia-born British contemporary illustrator, character designer and children books illustrator. Aleksei lives in Surrey with his wife, son and daughter.


Dina Ward

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Dina is the founder of She loves everything vintage and shabby chic. Her instagram stories about mixed media and journalling inspire people all over the world. She lives in Dorking with her husband and son.

Boris the Bear


Stampaholics are fundamentally about the love of stamps and stamping. So we thought, why not combining a cute bear with an old fashioned wooden stamp? And that's how Boris the Bear was born.

I gave a scribbled image to Alex and he created a logo which we are now using. And why Boris, you may ask? Where I come from, Boris used to be a common name. Not so much nowadays, but I think it suits our little bear nicely!