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Journaling - a new way of using your craft stash and supplies

Picture1: Monthly spread for June

When we are not able to go outdoors much, we discover more things to do indoors. I have discovered a new hobby! I love being organized and I love planning and making lists. I enjoy trips to Hobbycraft, WHSmith or Paperchase even if I don't necessarily need anything (sounds familiar?)

I thought I would share the first few pages of my new bullet journal. I keep asking myself why I haven't discovered it sooner? I have been struggling to buy new diary each year because it just simply doesn't fit my needs so making my own makes sense and it's so much fun! 😊

Picture 2: Mood Tracker, Habits Tracker and Sleep Tracker

I personally like to read up on things before I start experimenting. There is loads available on the internet but I prefer to read a book instead. It may seem oldfashioned and you can argue that an e-book gets delivered to your device in seconds. But because my job involves staring onto a screen all day and then I stare on my mobile in between, reading a book is actually a relief for my eyes. I don't know if you have ever seen the story 'Dog Loves Books'. I have a two-year-old so I know lot of them by heart! I am like the Dog in the story - I love books! I like the smell of them, the sound of them and of course, reading them. And I can also add - collecting them!

If you prefer a book to hours of internet browsing, I can recommend Rachel Wilkerson Miller - How to Bullet Plan. Her layouts are very simple and I like her sense of humor. She also explains lot of the basic journaling terms and symbols. I don't draw so I am by no means an artist or illustrator. I am begginer in lettering too. One of the things I like about Rachel's style is that it doesn't intimidate you as a beginner. Her layouts are simple and clean. It makes you feel like 'I can do this'. Instagram or pinterest are a great source of inspiration. I browse them all the time to look for ideas on layouts and spreads. But I have to remind myself that the people who post the pictures are very often talented artists and illustrators or just love doodling. If I want to add picture of leaves to my layout, I would often search in my stash of stamps rather than hand draw it. It's funny thing - confidence and experimenting. I am sure I will be more confident to draw my own doodles and write most of the text once I get used to seeing my handwriting more often.

Below is a list of some of the stamps I used in the layouts. I specifically did not mention any stationary, as this is purely a thing of personal preference and you can read up about these in Rachel's book or on the internet. I am, after all, only a newbie in this and as such, I don't feel entitled to give you advice on pens and markers. Not yet, anyway! This blog post is purely to encourage you to explore a new creative pursuit and to use the stamps, washi tapes, papers and other crafty bits that might not always be suitable for card making or other paper crafts.

Picture 3: Weekly spread

I realized what an amazing collection of supplies I already have. I can definitely recommend these for any journaling needs:

  • Concord & 9th - Annuals Stamp set

  • Kelly Creates - Days of the week and Month stamps

  • Project Life - Date it

The cute design with flowers and butterflies is from Waffle Flower - Enveloper Hello and Little Birdie told me.

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